Fresh Free Range Eggs Delivered Locally

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Food from the land

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 We provide a regular, friendly delivery service to the retail and catering trade around Herefordshire.We specialise in supplying our high quality free-range eggs, but as we are travelling to local businesses we also supply preserves, cakes, local juices and honey.

Every morning we walk around the hens. Eggs are then collected, graded into sizes and packed into boxes. These are loaded onto the van for delivery the following day- you can’t get much fresher than that!

These are some of the many benefits of choosing our eggs-

  • Our eggs are always delivered fresh- check our best before dates
  • We provide egg-ceptional value!- much cheaper than the supermarkets
  • We only supply free range- none of our hens are kept in cages
  • We are a RSPCA Freedom Food registered egg packing station
  • All of our eggs come from our own farms
  • We regularly check for salmonella
  • We provide a reliable, friendly service
  • Flavours of Hereford award winner
  • We are a local business, catering for other local businesses!


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Contact: 01981 500005

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