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Food from the land


Our Preserves are made my Marion,

who started making Jams at her home in leominster.

Due to the quality of her preserves she recieved a grant which has enabled her to expand

her business and currently produces in Wales.

We stock a large range of her most popular jams, curds and chutneys.


Jams (340g) 



Fruits of the Forest



Blackberry & Apple


Morello Cherry

Rhubarb & Ginger



      Luxury Preserves (227g)     

Strawberry & Champagne

Plum & Mulled Wine

Marmalade & Whisky

Curds (340g) 



Marmalade Range (340g) 

Lemon and Lime

Seville Orange

Grapefruit & Ginger

Herefordshire Honey (454g) 

Naturally granulated

454g and 227g

 Chutneys (311g) 



Farmhouse Ale

Red Tomato

Spicy Tomato

Sweet Apple

Fig and Date

Onion Relish


Mango (340g)

Country Ploughmans (340g)

 Pickles (454g) 

Spiced Onions

Spiced Shallots

Free Range eggs

Whole Baby Beetroot (340g)

Red Cabbage (340g)

Condiments/Sauces (227g) 



 Horseradish Sauce

 Mint Jelly

 Wholegrain Mustard with Whisk

 Redcurrent Jelly with Port

 Cranberry Sauce with Claret

 Assorted Cakes 

 Welsh Cakes

 Choc Chip Welsh Cakes

 Large Cakes 

 Farmhouse Fruit Cake

 Mixed Fruit Cake

 Small Cakes  


Lemon Medeira

Orange & Choc Chip

Cherry & Walnut




We are a local company, which likes to help other local companies.

As a small distributor,

we can stock products and split into smaller quantities to enable easier stock control for small stores.

We are always looking to increase our range,

so if there is anything you would like us to deliver, please let us know.


Pixley Berries Cordials (500ml)  


Blackcurrant & Scottish Rasberry

Cranberry & Apple

PJ's (275ml)  

Apple Juice (Cox and Bramley    Apples)

Apple juice (Jonagold Apples)

Pear & Apple

Lawton Cross (315ml) (Organic)   
Organic Apple Juice 
Jus (750ml)  


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